First Aid Training for Explorers

Over the past 4 weeks, the younger Explorers have been learning First aid with a St. John Ambulance team.

We began Week 1 with some basic first aid, such as the recovery position. During Weeks 2 and 3 we moved on to more difficult procedures for example CPR, serious bleeds, hypothermia, heat stroke, shock and even broken bones! During Week 4 it was mostly focused on specific health conditions, for the benefit of some Leaders who would no doubt need the skills to look after a wide range of children.

By allowing our skills to progress throughout the course, we have learned some very valuable life skills. With the help of the kind staff at St. John Ambulance we are prepared for most situations that could occur on DofE expeditions or in general life. Overall the experience was very interesting and educational, as First Aid is an extremely important topic. Jacob reviewed the experience as “Fun yet enriching”. All the Explorers would like to thank the members of St. John Ambulance that taught us throughout the course, we have now achieved Level 4 in First Aid and can receive a new badge!

If you would like to learn some First Aid you can go to this website (St John Ambulance)

1 February 2016