Cubs at Doncaster Dome

We went in Akela’s car up to Doncaster dome for a celebration of the beginning of Cubs 100 year. There were over 600 cubs from all over Nottinghamshire.

We first had a burger and chips. Then we got to go ice skating. I fell over 8 times! It was great fun. Some of the older ones were whizzing around.

Then we got changed and went swimming. In the pool there were water slides and a big w ater fountain. You could also swim under a flap and get outside, so we could swim in the rain which was great. There was also a hot tub and spa.

After over an hour it was time to come out and get changed then go home.
We had a brilliant time.

By Finlay.

On the 23rd January 2016 I went with Flintham cubs to the Doncaster dome top celebrate 100th anniversary of cubs.

We started off our afternoon by going ice skating there was a really good disco playing there was ramps in the ice ring which were really cool, we sometimes fell over but we had lots of fun .

After the ice skating we went swimming , we went down a really dark and steep slide and we went in the outside pool, where there was a waterfall and rapids .

For tea we had burgers and chips we all had a fantastic day with all of our friends.

By Oliver

8 February 2016