Cubs in Lockdown

The last twelve months have been a strange and challenging time for everybody however 1st Flintham Cubs have not let this stop them from making a smooth and organized transition to continuing their meetings, activities and badge achievements via weekly Zoom meetings.  Led by the always enthusiastic Akela Tracey Davies with support from Baloo Sarah Philips and Aaron Lambert, Zoom calls were quickly up and running with a varied and exciting programme of activities including quizzes, numerous craft sessions and drawing competitions.  The Cubs even managed to create and produce a fantastic Christmas Flower Arrangement which took pride of place on their families’ Christmas Day dinner tables.   Add in that they’ve also manage to induct Cubs into the pack whilst on lockdown,  all via Zoom.

A short interlude between lockdowns meant that the Cubs were able to meet for a few weeks in the Autumn on the Scout Field, where a socially distanced in/out system and marquee were set up.  Some weekly games, a hike to the woods and a fantastic quiz all about Bees were squeezed in between but were eventually halted by the drawing in of Winter nights and the second lockdown.   

No matter what life has thrown at the group this year, they have all continued enthusiastically with a smile on their faces.  Indeed, a favorite game seems to have been repeatedly asked for over the last year involving Akela asking Cubs to pick a number 1 to 10, which then ties back to an activity they must quickly complete.  One of these activities was to hunt down a lipstick and apply it to themselves.  Much screaming and laughing has taken place with them queuing up to be the Cub with the Lipstick. 


Flintham Cubs have been active in lockdown conducting remote activities and zoom meetings. Here is Eloise's poster illustrating her best memories.

22 March 2021